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Go by Train and Relax

When you are nervous or tense, your heart beats fast. If you are nervous or tense too often, it is bad for your heart.

Now British Rail say in their new advertisements: "Don't travel long distances by car. It's bad for your heart. If you travel by train, you'll feel much better." But is it true? How do they know? The advertisements say this:

Doctors from Leeds University did some scientific tests. They started tests three years ago, and now they have the results. There were two tests.

This was Test 1: Several businessmen travelled from Leeds to London - about 200 miles. They drove their cars on the motorway. (On the journey there was sometimes fog, and there was sometimes rain. There was a lot of traffic, and there were a lot of bad drivers.) The doctors checked their heartbeats during the journey. They recorded the number of heartbeats per minute. The average number was very high: 93 beats per minute.

This was Test 2: The businessmen travelled from Leeds to London on the Inter-Cíty train. The doctors checked their heartbeats again. This time the average was 72 beats per minute, and the maximum was only 80. The businessmen relaxed on the train, and were less nervous and tense during their journey.

So British Rail say: Driving makes you tense. Tension makes you ill. Think of your heart, and don't go by car. Go by train - and relax.