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Games and Schools in England

All children in England must start school at the age of five. Pupils go to Primary School until they are eleven years old and then to a Secondary School. They can leave school at the age of sixteen. There are three terms in an English School - Autumn, Spring and Summer. The Summer Term finishes about the twentieth of July, and the Autumn Term starts early in September. British school-children have a shorter summer holiday then children in Hungary.




There are seven lessons a day. (There is no school on Saturdays.) The lessons last forty-five minutes. The first lesson begins at 9.15. There are two lessons before the morning break. The break is for fifteen minutes. The pupils who like milk can now drink a free bottle of milk. There are two more lessons before the lunch break. Some children who live near the school go home for a meal, but most children stay at school and have lunch in the school dining-room. There are three lessons after the lunch break, and then children go home at a quarter to four. But, of course, they always have homework in the evening.




Sports and games are very important in British schools. A lot of secondary schools in Britain have a gymnasium, a swimming-pool and playing-fields.

Most British school-children learn to play a game at school. They spend about half a day a week on sports and games. They usually play games on Wednesday afternoon or on Saturday mornings. As you know, British children are always free on Saturdays, but the pupils who are in the school teams even go to school on Saturdays to play against other schools.




A conversation between Joe, an English boy, and Tom, his Hungarian friend:


Tom: I say, Joe! I want to ask you some questions about England.

Joe: Not really? Goodbye, Tom!

Tom: Come back! They aren't difficult questions.

Joe: OK. What do you want to know?

Tom: What games do English boys play in the winter?

Joe: Football.

Tom: In the winter?

Joe: Yes. In the winter. Football is the most popular game for boys in winter.

Tom: And what do you play in the summer? 

Joe: Cricket. The boys play cricket and the girls play tennis. In the winter the girls play hockey - but not ice-hockey. We don't often have ice in England. Spring comes very early. It begins in March and ends in...

Tom: Stop it! I know all about your seasons... but I don't like them.

Joe: How many seasons do you think there are in England?

Tom: Just as many as in  Hungary.

Joe: No. Only two. There are only two seasons in England.

Tom: Two?!

Joe: Yes. Only two. The football season and the cricket season. Bye-bye, Tom!

Tom: Ugh! Rubbish!