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Fish for Dinner

Carol: The MEN can go to the supermarket.

Brenda: Good idea. They can buy the groceries and we can stay at home. Freedom for women.

Jim: Come on Roy. Bring two shopping bags with you.

Brenda: Here's my list. And don't forget the bread - and the fish for dinner.

Jim: All right. All right. (in the shop) You can hold the list and I can fill the bags. Is there any cake on the list?

Roy: No, dad.

Jim: Really? But we must buy some cake. Here you are. Now, is there any jam on the list?

Roy: No, dad. I can't see any jam on the list.

Jim: It doesn't matter. We must buy some jam. Here. And we must buy some butter, some cheese, some tea and some coffee.

Roy: Don't buy them, dad. They're not on the list.

Jim: It doesn't matter. Look at these beautiful peaches and grapes. And some oranges and apples.

Roy: They're not on the list, dad, and the bags are full now.

Jim: Good. We can go home now. We mustn't buy a lot. 




Brenda: You were quick. 

Jim: Men don't waste time in supermarkets like women. Eh, Roy?

Brenda: Empty the shopping bags for me, please, Roy... What are these? Jam? Cheese? Tea? Coffee? They're not on my list! Where's the sugar? Where's the salt? Where are the biscuits? Where are the eggs and butter? AND WHERE'S THE BREAD - AND THE FISH FOR DINNER?

Jim: Bread? Fish for dinner? Um... er... er...

Brenda: Oh, these men! Come on, Carol. Let's go to the supermarket!


(from L. G. Alexander "Target", Teachers' Book I.)