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At A Modern Art Exhibition


Pam: ... And how do you like this one?

Terry: It's all right.

Pam: I think she's just beautiful.

Terry: She? But it looks like a man.

Pam: Nonsense. Can't you see her eyes and nose?

Terry: Why? Men have got eyes an noses, too.

Pam: Or perhaps it's a fish... But what's she doing?

Terry: He's sitting, I think.

Pam: Oh no! She's swimming.

Terry: Sitting.

Pam: Swimming.

Terry: O.K. Go and ask that man over there. He looks an artist himself.

Pam: Good idea... er... Excuse me, sir.

Man: Yes?

Pam (pointing to the statue): Is that woman sitting or swimming?

Man: Isn't it all the same if it's sitting or swimming?

Pam: Well... yes... no... I was just wondering.

Man: Lying if it helps.

Pam: Lying? How do you know?

Man: Look at the label.

Pam: Oh really. Henry Moore: Lying figure. I see. Thank you. (to Terry) But is it a man or a woman?